Vonax was created for a few reasons. Family excursions & love for the beach is how it all started. We are fortunate enough to live in the beautiful Southern Californian beach city of San Clemente. With a large family and frequent beach excursions, quick, easy, economical & safe transportation is key.

Trips to the supermarket or our local coffee shop are now a breeze. You never have to worry about parking (leave it to the tourists) or current gas prices (leave it in the truck). Yes, we still love our 4 x 4 trucks, but they stay in the garage with higher frequency these days especially on weekends when fresh air & exercise are the priority.

Putting the pieces together & finding all the sources from frame to components and the batteries wasn’t as fortuitous but we soldiered on and eventually put it all together which resulted in the birth of Vonax. All our bikes have aluminum frames, shimano components, tektro brakes and batteries with a minimum 750W so you can power up steep hills.

Vonax = Performance, quality, durability & power!

We are proud of the end result! Life is a journey, enjoy the ride. 

Don’t forget, a smile is the electricity & life is a battery, Whenever you smile your battery gets charged and a beautiful day is activated.